NJEA WIns Big in Yesterday's Election

NJEA reports today that its Super PAC, Garden State Forward, "scored a big victory" last night as "every incumbent Legislator who voted in favor of funding NJEA members’ pensions in June was re-elected."

NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer remarked,
NJEA made no secret of the fact that we were going all-in to elect candidates who support upholding the law and making the fiscally responsible decision to fund public employees’ pensions,” said Steinhauer. “Yesterday, we showed what our commitment really meant, and proved that there’s no such thing as a safe seat for a legislator who makes a promise but doesn’t keep it.
How to quantify that support? Oh, just under four million dollars in member dues to drive campaigns for legislators who will "fight privatization" (i.e., charter school expansion) and vote against necessary reforms for N.J.'s utterly unsustainable pension system which is now, according to John Bury, on the brink of "imminent collapse."

But, hey, a win's a win!