QOD: Mayor of Yonkers on Overcoming N.Y.'s Dual School System, One for Poor Kids and One for Rich Kids

While the State needs to step up funding and contribute to constructions costs, says Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano,
The teachers unions need to be part of the turnaround. Teachers unions are opposing the state’s recent reforms. I understand their frustration.  Overly relying on test scores to judge teachers ignores the complexity and challenges of educating children from poor families. This was especially true with the implementation of Common Core. Teachers were expected to teach to new standards, but did not receive proper training as to what the standards even were. 
Yet despite some of the blunders that have been made in dealing with teachers, the teachers unions should acknowledge that we need productivity improvements and more flexibility from them.  Insisting on yesterday’s outmoded work rules and practices will prevent improvement. The result will be public schools going into receivership or transformation to non-union charter schools. The teachers unions need to face that reality, as I’m sure they already are.

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