Christie Compromises (a bit) on PARCC-infused Teacher Evaluations

Well, Bob Braun was half-right. Gov. Christie did issue an executive order last night that renders Senate Bill 2154 moot, at least for non-die-hard–anti-VAM-lobbyists. Teacher evaluations will still reflect student growth as reflected on PARCC tests beginning next year – not the “two-year delay in using the results of new standardized tests to evaluate New Jersey public school teachers” that Braun posited.  But the percentage of infusion of data will be reduced from the original 30% this year to 10%. The following year that 10% will jump to 20% and then, presumably, back to 30%. This applies, of course, only to 3d-8th grade language arts and math teachers.

Teachers in other subjects, as well as other personnel, were to have 15% of their SGO’s (Student Growth Objectives) reflect test scores. There will be a small uptick to 20%.

Also, Christie will appoint a study commission to evaluate the implementation and success of the initiative. (Question: can the commission use data or is all evaluation to be subjective?) NJEA members have been promised seats.

See coverage from NJ Spotlight, Star Ledger, Courier PostPress of Atlantic City,.and the Wall St. Journal.  Here's NJEA's statement.

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