QTD: Cami Anderson says She's Staying in Newark

From an interview with NJTV:
But Cami Anderson’s future as the leader of the Newark Public schools is more uncertain than it’s ever been. Mayor-Elect Ras Baraka — who used opposition to Anderson as a rallying point for his campaign — made it clear again this week that he will not accept Anderson staying on as superintendent...

Anderson: Again my job is to find common ground and I believe that Mr. Baraka wants the best for children and that he wants great schools. And as adults and our job is to find common ground...

Cruz: So, your contract is up in June. If the state says “do you wanna stick around?” you do want to stick around?

Anderson: I’m so passionate about our city, about our young people, hopeful about the progress I see. I’m an optimist and I believe our kids deserve us to keep them at the core of every decision and I believe so strongly that we can do what we need to do for our kids that I am absolutely committed to staying the course and putting kids at the core of every decision.

Cruz: You think the state wants you back?

Anderson: I have every intention of staying and I have every intention of staying the course.
But it probably won’t be up to her. The education commissioner will decide whether Anderson stays, and sources tell us that decision is still very much up in the air.

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