Trenton Superintendent Lofton Out

Trenton Superintendent Rodney Lofton just resigned with two and a half years left on his contract. Raymond Broach, former superintendent of Ewing Public Schools next door, has been appointed on a interim basis.

The Trentonian i
s reporting that Mayor Tony Mack expressed disappointment that the Trenton School Board didn’t appoint one of the assistant superintendents currently under contract. He complained, we “will now have two individuals on payroll simultaneously for the same role, this is concerning and we are not clear why this was done.”

The official word is that Lofton is out on sick leave for a hernia injury, but the paper reports that he told other staff members that he was resigning. Trenton schools have been plagued by poor academic achievement, corruption regarding home instruction payments, criticism from the State Monitor, and dysfunctional management.