Asbury Park Follow-Up

Earlier this week we took a somewhat grim look at Asbury Park Public Schools, including the results of their 2007 QSAC monitoring, the instrument the State DOE uses to evaluate a district’s fiscal, educational, operational, and structural health. Those 2007 scores were nothing to write home about, but the district has just released their 2010 scores, which show good improvement.

For example, in 2007 Asbury Park received a 36% in Fiscal Management. Now the score is 65%. Personnel limped in with a 28% in 2007, but now it’s up to 68%. Governance was an embarrassment at 11%; three years later it’s at 66%. Operation Management was 72%, but dropped this year to 58%. Unfortunately, Instruction and Assessment, arguably the most important category, was largely unchanged: 15% three years ago, and now only 18%.

The passing score for each section is 80%.

According to the Asbury Park Press, Superintendent Denise Lowe, currently battling with State Monitor Frank Sinatra over whether or not to hire a supervising principal, gave credit for the improvements to the Board, administrators, and Sinatra, who provides various and sundry services to districts across the state through his business entity Sinatra Associates.