College Grad Rate Disparities in NJ

The Education Trust has a study out today that looks at the gaps in graduation rates between White and Black students at public and private four-year colleges. A few take-aways: gaps are not inevitable (University of North Carolina at Greensboro, University of California at Riverside, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte have no gaps at all) but on average there’s an 18.7% gap between White and Black graduates at private schools and a 16.2% gap at public institutions.

How about New Jersey? On ET’s list of the “top 25 public colleges and universities with the largest white-black graduation-rate gaps,” The College of New Jersey ranks #4 with a 28.8% gap (White students have an 87.5% grad rate and Black students have a 58/7% graduation rate) and Rowan University ranks 8th (42.2% gap, with a White graduation rate of 69.5% and a Black graduation rate of 42.2%).