Christie Plans to Cap Superintendent Salaries

Bret Schundler told the State Board of Education today that Gov. Christie wants to cap superintendent salaries at $120,000 for K-8 districts with fewer than 250 students, $175,000 in for districts with up to 10,000 students, and slightly higher for 16 districts with more than 10,000 students.

According to Bloomberg News
, 70% of NJ’s public school superintendents would have salaries reduced from current levels. Fifty superintendents have base salaries of higher than $200,000.

Districts could award up to 15% of base pay for merit bonuses. Christie says that although local boards of education negotiate contracts, the State has the power to limit pay packages.

In other news, the Washington Examiner is reporting that NJ may need to increase the amount it charges schools for employee health insurance by 6-12%.

Update: A savvy reader points out that, in fact, upticks in district contributions to employee health insurance will vary considerably. See this document from NJ’s School Employees’ Health Benefits Commission July 14th meeting.