AHSA Follow-Up

Yesterday (see below) we described the sorrow engendered by NJ’s abject failure to adequately educate poor urban children, and the results of our newly-accountable Alternative High School Assessment. (Of the 4,500 kids who took the language arts portion, 90% failed; of the 9,500 kids who took the math portion, 66% failed. The discarded Special Review Assessment, used for years to award meaningless diplomas, had a 97% pass rate.) A high school principal kindly forwards to us a letter dated today from Ed. Comm. Bret Schundler addressed to Chief School Administrators and Charter School Leaders. The letter explains what exactly to do with all those failing students: “allow seniors to walk and participate in related graduation activities and programs,” as long as they agree to “complete AHSA requirements for the summer of 2010.” However,
Students who have not passed the HSPA or the AHSA should not receive a New Jersey high school diploma during commencement ceremonies. But again, we would encourage you to allow them to participate.