RTTT/ESEA: Think Long Distance Running, Not Sprint

The US DOE has posted President Obama's education budget, which puts to rest any doubt that Race To The Top goals will inform the reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Some highlights:
A few notes:
1) Nowhere is there mention of the tainted brand "No Child Left Behind." That's so yesterday, with its utopian goals, non-formative assessments, and punitive salvos.
2) There's a continued heavy emphasis on merit pay, expansion of charter schools, and closing failing schools.
3) The budget includes $14.5 billion for states to align standards with college and career-readiness, but those standards are still in the works. Achieving consensus will be like herding cats.

Here's Arne Duncan: "Race to the Top taught us that competition and incentives drive reform. So even as we continue funding important formula programs like Title I and IDEA, we are adding money to competitive programs that are changing the landscape of our education system."