Quotes of the Day

Kevin Manahan of the Star-Ledger Editorial Board helpfully offers suggestions to Senator Dick Codey on how he can become relevant again:
He could reinvent himself by renouncing partisan politics and body-surfing on the independent wave sweeping New Jersey. He could finger game-playing politicians, Democrats and Republicans, who try to stick it to taxpayers. (Of course, he’d have to stop the game-playing himself.)

He could take on teachers and tenure, pensions and binding arbitration and escalating public salaries that threaten to bankrupt the state.
And The New York Times’ Neil Genzlinger gives us five reasons to love MTV’s “The Jersey Shore,” including #4:
4. THE ENABLERS CAN NOW BE UNMASKED. Vileness and incompetence love the darkness; the light of day exposes them for what they are. Putting the spotlight on the “Jersey Shore” eight gives us the opportunity to root out all the influences that formed them.

The schools, if any, where they were educated can now be located and shut down. The teachers who so abysmally failed to impart to them the rudiments of civilized life can be fired. The gyms and style salons that seduced them with the lie that physical appearance is more important than personality can be picketed and boycotted. With vigilance we can ensure that no more of our young people turn out the way these ones did.