What De Blasio's Charter School Hostility Means for NYC's Schoolchildren

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at a press conference last year on his plan to curtail expansions of Success Academy Charter Schools, which has 22,000 applications for 2,300 seats:
"Starting January, [Success Academy founder] Eva Moskowitz cannot continue to have the run of the place," de Blasio told a packed political forum at one point in the contest. "Just because someone is politically connected and has a lot of money behind them, they don't tell the public school system what to do."
Eva Moskowitz on de Blasio’s approach to alternative public schools:
“The mayor’s obstructionism means nearly 150,000 seats sit empty in public buildings while public charter schools are shut out, depriving countless families of an escape from failed schools,” 
Just-released list of the top ten NYC schools in math proficiency:

1, Success Academy Crown Heights, Brooklyn 7 (100 percent proficient)
2. Success Academy Fort Greene, Brooklyn 5 (100)
3. Success Academy Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan 2 (100)
4. Success Academy Charter School – Bed-Stuy 1 (99.5)
5. Success Academy Charter School – Bronx 1 (99.3)
6. Baccalaureate School for Global Education (99.1)
7. Concourse Academy Village Elementary School (98.8)
8. Success Academy Union Square, Manhattan 1 (98.8)
9. Success Academy Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 6 (98.1)
10. P.S. 172 Beacon School of Excellence (98.0)

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