Camden Superintendent To Announce New Initiatives to Increase Student Safety

Tomorrow morning Superintendent Paymon Rouhanifard will join with students, parents, and community leaders for an announcement focused on increasing student safety. The announcement, which involves a significant investment from the District, is in response to a community walk held in June to raise awareness of the need to support the several hundred students who live between 2.0-2.4 miles from their school. Under State guidelines, these students are not provided busing.

On June 6, Superintendent Rouhanifard joined the community group The Village, students, parents, and community leaders in a 2.4-mile walk from Camden High School to Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy.
The announcement will take place at Camden High School, 1700 Park Boulevard, at 11:00.

[Editor's note: too bad that Camden wasn't included in the bill just signed by Gov. Christie that awards $17 million in public tax dollars to a consortium in  Lakewood that will provide busing for  non-public school students to their private Jewish Orthodox day schools. For more on that absurdity, see here.]

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