QOD: N.J. Senate President Sweeney: I Support Standardized Tests and "See Value" in Charter Schools

From Politico:
State Senate President Stephen Sweeney said he supported standardized tests and questioned the “hysteria” surrounding PARCC, New Jersey’s latest student assessment, during remarks to local school board members who traveled to the capital on Thursday. 
The Democrat, who’s widely expected to run for governor next year, also indicated support for certain charter schools, called a cap on superintendent salaries “one of the dumbest things” to have come out of Trenton, and spoke of a need to fix the school funding formula. 
Regarding charter schools, Sweeney said he did see them fulfilling a role. 
“I don’t think charters are all bad. I don’t think they’re all good,” he said. “I don’t think there should be charters where they don’t belong, where they’re not needed. And I don’t think that we should look at education as a business. But I do see value in some charter schools.”

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