Christie Attacks NJEA Prez as the "Guy Driving the Mercedes Making $400K a Year"

The Star-Ledger is reporting on Gov. Christie's take on the state's fiscal problems, which include a cratering pension system, a broke Transportation Trust Fund, and sky-high property taxes.
"You want to get to the property tax problem?" asked the governor. "Anyone who tells you it's not a pension and health benefit issue, they're not telling you the truth." 
Christie then took aim at New Jersey Educational Association president Wendell Steinhauer, insisting that to mandate quarterly payments would result cuts in school aid, and raise property taxes statewide as a result. 
"My guess is, the guy driving the Mercedes in the palace across the street from the Statehouse, who's making $400,000 a year as head of the teacher's union?" Christie said, referring to Steinhauer and the NJEA's headquarters. 
"He don't really care whether your property taxes go up because school aid gets cut." 
A spokesman for the NJEA noted that Steinhauer does not drive a Mercedes, but a GMC pickup truck, called his remarks "desperate to distract attention from his failed record on pensions."