Andy Rotherham on "Campbell Brown Derangement Syndrome"

After several links to and remarks about California's Vergara ruling, Rotherham writes,
A similar lawsuit [was] filed in Minnesota this week. But this one is sparking an outbreak of Campbell Brown derangement syndrome
Campbell Brown “continues to do the bidding of her monied donors,” American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said in a statement Wednesday. “Tenure doesn’t give anyone a job for life; it’s about ensuring fairness and due process in the workplace,” Weingarten said. “Stripping teachers of workplace protections will harm, not help, those students most at risk.”
Yet here’s Weingarten herself on tenure:
“It has effectively become in some places a job for life, which is wrong,” said Weingarten.
OK, then. Maybe it’s a metaphysical question? Really, what is tenure anyway… ? People say education is too slow to change. When it comes to the politics I feel like if you take a day off you’re suddenly behind the game. In any event, if you just want to focus on how adult politics drive American education, well, that’s your job for life. Why are we even talking about Campbell Brown here? This is about laws in Minnesota, not people in New York!