Trying to Reconcile Hillary Clinton's "Firewall" of Black Americans with her Anti-Charter Rhetoric

Well, it's a hard slog, but today the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board gives such reconciliation a shot. No dice. Here's part of the discussion, which pivots off HRC's wooing of Al Sharpton and her speech on America's systemic racism.
Mrs. Clinton had a better case when she railed against what she called the “school-to-prison pipeline.” Because black children don’t get an education that would give them real options in life, she said, many end up in prison. There’s a lot to this, but then Mrs. Clinton refuses to address the main reason that so many black children lack a quality education: failing public schools, with no chance to escape to a better one. 
Not too many years ago Mrs. Clinton understood this enough to support charter schools, if not private vouchers. But in this election year she has become a charter critic, attacking them for not taking all comers even if they rescue tens of thousands each year. In return she has received the unusually early endorsements of both the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. 
Those endorsements may help her beat Mr. Sanders, but they also create an opening for Republicans in the fall: Her talk about opportunity is empty as long as she dooms poor minority children to failing schools.

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