QOD: NYC Principals' Union Has "Lost Confidence" in De Blasio's Management of City Schools

Ernest A. Logan, the president of the union that represents New York City's 6,000 principals and assistant principals, will publish a column in the union's newsletter that says,
Sadly, in the timeworn tradition of the D.O.E., there are so many cooks running around in the kitchen, the chefs don’t know what kind of dish they’re concocting.” So many different mandates have been thrown at these schools that all we have is a recipe for disaster.
Today's New York Times article continue,
In an interview last week, Mr. Logan said of the school-turnaround effort, “This became a political mess, because the mayor made this his political thing.” 
He added, “They’ve lost their focus on kids.” 
Mr. Logan said principals in the 94 schools were being overwhelmed with paperwork and meetings and micromanaged to the point that they could not do what they thought was best for their schools. He said he believed the mayor’s approach was destined to fail if the city did not change its strategy.

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