QOD: "I am living proof that education reform hasn't failed in Newark"

Wydeyah Hay, alumna of KIPP New Jersey's TEAM Academy:
While some of the things I’ve read have said that reform has failed in Newark, or that it was a “wash” for Newark’s kids, I am living proof that this is not the case. Over the last five years, KIPP has opened four new schools in Newark and has grown to serve roughly 2,000 more kids. And politicians need only to see what I see in my school each day, that’s no “wash” for the kids in these classrooms.  
Coming from Newark, people often have the perception that it’s unfriendly or that if you stay here your future will be limited. My teachers and school leader at KIPP New Jersey helped me realize that there was more than being another statistic. To be blunt, I believe they saved my life. And now I’m back in my community to do the same... 
I believe in the mission of KIPP and I believe in Newark. For me, a charter school was the best choice to receive a quality education and I’m glad I can now come back to help kids overcome the same obstacles I did. And I know that the years of steady progress and growth have meant that many more kids will have that opportunity. 

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