Thursday, January 7, 2016

Newark City Council Dissents from Mayor Baraka's Request to D.O.E. Stop Charter Expansion

Yesterday I wrote about a letter that Newark Mayor Ras Baraka sent to Education Commissioner David Hespe on December 17th, what blogger Eric Dawson called a "sneaky present to Newark parents" that was "cowardly issued" during the holiday lull in order to provoke no media coverage. Mayor Baraka said,  “I am writing to request that, at this time, your Office not approve any further expansion of enrollment in these or any other Newark Charter Schools…”

Today the Newark City Council sent a follow-up letter to Commissioner Hespe that dissents from the Mayor's request. Instead, says the Council, "parents in Newark should have the option of sending their children to the school of their choice" and "we can not deny our children the option of high quality public charter schools."

Here's the complete letter.

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myra lawson said...

What cowards you are not to take a stand for fully supporting our public schools. I dont believe the people of newark elected you to fight for private schools to be funded without public dollars...i know i dont want that. Especially when our public schools are struggling due to lack of adequate budget.
You should all be ashamed for taking this stand. Also, our mayor asked for a moratorium on charter EXPANSION. Parents have always had a choice. We also have thousands of kids not in school at all. What are you doing about them?