What do Newark Parents Want?

A rapidly growing number of Newark parents want a voice and they want choice. They want our school and elected leaders to stop following a discourse that just has not worked or served Newark's children for decades. It is time we follow the leadership of Newark parents and change the education debate. 
It is time to unite around a simple concept – that the growth of all our public schools, whether they are district, charter or magnet, should be based on its ability to ensure that Newark students can compete for well-paying jobs in the future, through college or vocational training. 
As we have seen in public meetings this year, parents know that district, charters and magnets are all public schools and they do not want any to be victimized because they challenge the status quo or strategize to fight the bureaucracy that have plagued our students
From today's Star-Ledger editorial by Muhammed Akil, executive director for the Parent Coalition For Excellent Education.

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