The Retention Rate for Teach for America alumni? Higher than you Think.

From TFA's new analysis:
How long do most Teach For America corps members teach? 
A new analysis of alumni responses on the annual Teach For America Alumni Survey reveals that the majority do not stop teaching after two years, and a significant proportion (as many as half from some corps years) report they have taught for significantly longer. Of those alumni who had abundant opportunities to teach for more than five years—those who entered the corps before 2002, for example—approximately half reported they have done so... 
TFA researchers Raegen Miller and Rachel Perera, in completing the new analysis (based on an annual survey of alumni with a 70 percent response rate), say researchers may have previously underestimated the length of alums’ teaching careers in part because surveyors previously asked not how many years in total alums have taught, but how many they taught consecutively following their time as corps members.