QOD: How Committed is Chris Cerf to Local Control in Newark?

Cerf told the school board and members of the public at the meeting that he was "unalterably, authentically, and completely committed" to local control. He said that he wants to give parents good public school options, regardless of whether those choices are at traditional, charter, or magnet schools. But he also emphasized that he had no plans to upend the current balance of traditional schools and charters and that the district will continue to consist primarily of regular public schools.
Today's article from EdWeek also notes that Superintendent Cerf has pledged to "put a premium on access, openness, and transparency:
"I think it's important that we all commit to and pledge ourselves to civility, and respect, and to serious engagement," Cerf said in an interview. "Part of it is, frankly, children are watching this process unfold. And we all, whether we like it or not, are modeling a little bit."
He also noted that empowering principals to make more decisions at their schools and to provide better supports and strategies to their teachers to improve instruction were key parts of his school improvement vision.
Cerf's commitment isn't silencing naysayers. EdWeek also quotes Newark Teachers Union President John Abeigon (see here for yesterday's coverage), who claims that Cerf  is "philosophically and morally the same as Cami Anderson." That may make him  "a more receptive personality," said Abeigon, "but that doesn't make him any different," he said.

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