New Camden Initiative: Simplifying School Enrollment for Parents

Camden Public Schools just announced that Superintendent Paymon Rouhanifard is launching a “neighborhood-by-neighborhood listening tour to focus on the challenges parents face with enrolling their children” in the city’s traditional and charter public schools.  The listening tour is in response to parent concerns raised during Rouhanifard’s 100-day listening tour that he undertook when he was first named school chief. However, according to a district press release, “only incremental gains have been accomplished in the face of this multi-faceted challenge.”

“Right now, parents need to navigate 17 different applications and deadlines in order to find the right public school for their child, and that’s not right,” said Superintendent Rouhanifard. “It is in our collective self-interest for parents to be able to access the best school for their child. We can and will untangle and ultimately streamline this process, and I look forward to hearing parents’ feedback.”

Camden parent Evelyn Jimenez explained that “Right now, the enrollment process is really confusing—there are so many applications and deadlines, it’s hard for parents to figure out… I’m hopeful that CCSD can figure out a simpler way for families to access schools in Camden.”

Another parent Ron Brady, who is also school leader at Freedom Prep Charter Schools, noted, “instead of having different application timelines and processes across all schools in the city, we are eager to explore another option that levels the playing field for all families across Camden.”