Presidential Hopefuls Relatively Quiet on K-12 Policy, except for Chris Christie

Allyson Klein at Education Week reviews the education platforms of current contenders for U.S. President and finds, well, not much.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is a cipher on K-12 education issues, although she’s had quite a lot to say on college access. Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb are silent. However, notes Klein, "Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont's site talks about K-12... specifically mentioning lack of access to high quality education for black students.”

Republican candidates are equally taciturn ( even Jeb Bush has only a video on his website of his interview with Campbell Brown at The74 education summit). The GOP gang seems fixated on vouchers and the obligatory derision towards the Common Core.

But there’s one exception:
The GOP contender with the most substantial education section? Probably Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who talks about his plans to end teacher tenure, expand charter schools, improve college readiness, and increase school choice for kids in struggling schools. (He does not mention his wish to punch teachers' unions in their collective face.)