Look What Just Came Up on My Twitter Feed:

lana Dubin Spiegel @ilanadspiegel
@educationweek 175 civil rights groups oppose high-stakes, test-based accountability #ESEA j4jalliance.com/media/openlett… @J4J_USA @SavOurSchoolsNJ
Wow! 175 civil rights group oppose annual testing! I thought America’s major civil rights groups supported annual testing. Who knew? Oh…wait.

Here’s the list of “civil rights groups” on the bottom of their letter to Sens. Mitch McConnel and Harry Reid: AFT Local 2115, Alliance AFT Dallas, Alliance for Newark Public Schools, AFT National,  Baltimore Teachers Union, Camden Parent Union, Chicago Teachers Union, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers, Coalition for Newark Effective Schools, FairTest,  Houston Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, Newark Students Union, Working Families Alliance, New York City Opt-Out, NYS United Teachers,  Parents Across America, Paterson Education Fund, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers,  Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, Save Our Schools, Save Our Schools-NJ,  United Opt-Out of New Jersey, UFT-NYC,  and something called “Stewards of Prophetic, Hopeful, Intentional Action.”

Civil rights groups? Hah!  They had me going there for a minute. My bad.