Camden Charter School Alum and Current Law School Student Decries Charter School Moratorium Bill

Rob Ransom, a graduate of LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden and currently a third year student at the Rutgers University School of Law, has this to say about the New Jersey's proposed charter school moratorium bill:
I don't understand why Assemblywoman Mila Jasey (D-Essex) has introduced legislation calling for a moratorium on charter school expansion—even after releasing a statement stating she supports charter schools.
The legislation that Assemblywoman Jasey introduced would, if passed, curtail the growth of quality public charter schools like Camden's LEAP Academy University Charter School, my alma mater. 
It was at LEAP Academy that I first began to consider the possibility of attending college. At LEAP, college became an expectation rather than a dream for me and all of my peers.
A few weeks ago, I started a summer associate program at one of New Jersey's preeminent law firms – the next step on a career path to becoming an attorney. This never would have been possible had it not been for the education I received at LEAP.
At a time where the achievement gap seems to widen, charter schools restore the American dream that you can make something of yourself with high-expectations and hard work. Please don't let politics get in the way of future generations of students who could get the breaks in life that they need from the education they can receive at a charter school.

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