Twenty Years of State Control in Newark

Today’s NJ Advance Media article (i.e., Star-Ledger)  notes this July marks the 20th anniversary of state control of Newark.  Over the last two decades, the article notes, Newark  student academic growth has increased (although no one would argue it's enough). For the record, the graduation rate is up 15% (from 53.9% in 1993 to 68.6% in 2013) and SAT scores are up from 311 and 363 in verbal and math to 392 and 408 in verbal and math over the last twenty years.  Spending per pupil is currently $22,267, up from an inflation-adjusted $18,084 in 1993.

Here are a few highlights from the piece, as well as excerpts from the links to three articles from the Star-Ledger archives; it's worth reading the whole package. Two of those three archived articles, by the way, were written by Robert Braun, now known as Bob and Newark’s staunchest defender of the status quo.

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