QOD: How much does N.J. spend per child per year?

From today's NJ Spotlight column:
Statewide, New Jersey’s public schools are creeping ever closer to the $20,000 mark, with an average in 2013-2014 of $19,211 per student, a 1.6 percent increase from 2012-2013... 
Among nonspecialized districts [those that don’t serve kids with special needs], the outliers haven’t much changed either. The tiny one-school Avalon district rose to $48,835 for each of its 99 students, followed by Stone Harbor at $37,837 apiece for its 96 students. 
Among K-12 districts, two came in above $30,000 per pupil: Asbury Park at $33,109, and Keansburg at $30,290. 
The list of lowest-spending schools, according to the state’s math, is dominated by charter schools. By law receiving no more than 90 percent of a district’s per-pupil amounts, 27 of the charters were listed at below $15,000 per pupil last year.

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