Great News for Camden Students

Today Camden Public Schools announced one school closure and collaborative agreements with three of the country's best charter operators. J.G. Whittier School will close this summer and students there will go to one of the KIPP schools in the neighborhood or Forest Hill Elementary School. Bonsall Elementary will become a renaissance school operated by Uncommon.  East Camden Middle School, McGraw Elementary, and Molina will become Mastery renaissance schools.

Mastery Schools of Camden just issued a press release that notes that “all schools will continue to serve the current students and grade levels (Molina will expand to 8th grade as was previously planned) and maintain the existing neighborhood catchment area. “

“Mastery believes a high quality education is the right of every Camden child.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with North and East Camden families to create high achieving neighborhood schools through the renaissance schools program.  We are committed to maintaining existing neighborhood catchment zones and enrollment guidelines.  A great public education means serving all children regardless of disability or English language status,” said Mastery CEO Scott Gordon.

A parent of three Mastery East Camden students, Mary Jane Timbe, said, “ I’m so thankful that Mastery will now be able to expand and provide more students with the quality education that every child in Camden deserves.”

Also from the press release:
Mastery Schools of Camden serve all children in its neighborhood catchment areas, including students with special education needs or who need English Language Learning or bilingual services. Students receive a well-rounded education including instruction in art, music, physical education, foreign language and technology.  Mastery also offers after-school programming and workshops for parents that support learning in the home.  Currently, nearly all Mastery Schools of Camden students qualify for free lunch. In addition, nearly 18% of Mastery students receive special education services and 11% are English Language Learners (ELL).
Here's coverage from the Courier-Post.

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