Camden Parents Rally for "Choice and Change"

Parents for Great Camden Schools, which describes itself as  “a local organization of families and community leaders committed to the belief that every child deserves a high quality education to prepare them for the world and workplace of tomorrow,” held a rally at Rafael Cordero Molina School yesterday afternoon.  According to a press release, members of PGCS “support educational change and choice.” The group counts 2,500 parents who have “signed on to the call for great Camden schools” and “demand choice and change now.”

PGCS President Bryan Mortan explained, “we support diverse high quality educational options for all families.  The recent transformation announcement” -- a reference to the district announcement last week that Mastery, Uncommon, and KIPP will expand their hybrid neighborhood charter schools to serve more Camden students -- “is a first step.”  However, Mortan continued, "parents must now step up and engage this system to effect the changes needed for their children now.” Therefore, PGCS has set a goal of “connecting with over 10,000 families throughout the city to encourage their participation in the upcoming info sessions so that they can become empowered by choice.”

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