Friday, August 8, 2014

Why We Need Tenure Reform

Leslie Brody at the Wall St. Journal reports today that the New York City Department of Education will “pay $1.8 million in buyout packages for 115 teachers and other staff who had stayed on the payroll even though they had no permanent jobs."

These teachers, all tenured and all without placements, have been in the “Rubber Room,” technically called the Absent Teacher Reserve, "often for years, after school closures or disciplinary proceedings made it hard for them to get lasting assignments.” Those 115 teachers would cost the city $15 million this year. On average they earn $93K each.  The entire Absent Teacher Reserve of  of 1,200 teachers cost the city $105 million during the 2012-2013 school year.


kallikak said...

We already have tenure 'reform' in NJ.

Can't wait to see the huge uptick in student achievement once all the 'bad' teachers are gone.

NJ Left Behind said...

True, but we still have LIFO.

kallikak said...

LIFO is not material in the overwhelming majority of districts.
Under the new rules, it's "two and out" regardless of time in grade anyway, so what's your point?