QOD: The Irony of the Civil Rights Complaint against Newark Public Schools

The Star Ledger Editorial Board on the "bogus" civil rights complaint filed against Newark Public Schools alleging racial discrimination:
Where was the civil rights investigation when close to half of Newark students weren’t graduating, and nearly all the city’s most disadvantaged kids were stuck in failing schools?  
There wasn’t one. And the people whose jobs depended on the school infrastructure didn’t have any problem with that. But now that Anderson has stepped in and taken bold action to reverse these injustices, defenders of the status quo are calling for an investigation. The irony is special.

The majority of students languishing in underperforming schools in Newark live in African-American neighborhoods. In the largely black South Ward, families have long been voting with their feet — 40 percent are signed up on charter school waiting lists...
The civil rights violation here isn’t school reform — it’s Newark’s history of school segregation and school failure.
For more on this, see my post from last week here.

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