N.J.'s Battle over Common Core and PARCC Puts Christie in a Real Jam

Today's column at WHYY's Newsworks starts here:
On Monday the New Jersey State Senate postponed a vote on a new bill that would delay by up to two years the infusion of student growth data into teacher evaluations. Senate bill 2154 is heavily backed by the N.J. Education Association, Badass Teachers-NJ, and an assortment of other groups including Save Our Schools and the Eagle Forum. Legislators explained to NJ Spotlight that "the delayed vote was largely a move to give Christie an opportunity to put forward his promised compromise, likely to be a state regulation or an executive order -- or both."

A mote of generosity from our state legislators as they offer a one-week reprieve to our beleaguered governor? A pragmatic stance on a bill that Christie would veto anyway? Not so much. More likely, the Democratically-controlled Senate is elated at the opportunity to put Christie in a real jam.
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