New WHYY Column: NJEA Takes the High Road in Pension Suit Against Christie

Today's WHYY Newsworks:
The New Jersey Education Association, N.J.'s primary teacher union, is suing Gov. Chris Christie for reneging on a legally-mandated $2.4 billion pension payment. Over a dozen other unions have joined the suit...

Certainly, this NJEA lawsuit is justified. In 2010 the State Legislature passed a pension reform bill that requires the state to conform to a payment schedule intended to bulk up NJ's depleted pension system. In 2011 another bill, virulently opposed by labor unions, passed through the Statehouse requiring state workers to increase their contributions to the state's pension fund and make other concessions.

Christie's stance is indefensible, especially in light of the many young teachers and other youthful state employees who can reasonably question the promise of their deferred compensation.
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