QOD: Newark Mayor Candidate Ras Baraka Tells Gang Members to "Pick Up Your Weapon"

Leaders should be talking about power. Your leaders should be meeting about who owns the Puerto Rican Store? Who owns this store? Who owns the tire shop? Who owns the supermarket? Who owns the Popeye’s? Who owns the Dunkin’ Donuts and how many of us are gonna get jobs in these places? 
I don’t have no illusions about who these people are … There are some white folks in Arizona who will fight you if you tell them to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday … we’re dealing with a devil…These people will murder you clean, straight out. They’re wiping you whole neighborhood out and you ain’t got nothing to say. 
Understand that you’re dealing with a conspiracy here. Yeah, I’m a conspiracy theorist. They don’t got to sit down and talk about it but if the judge know, and the cop know, and the prosecutor know, and the bank owner know, and the store owner know, and the housing authority know, then everybody in on it together. If they in on it together and you’re suffering then, damn it, it’s a conspiracy…until we become sophisticated enough to fight these people. We just can’t spit in the wind. We got to plan to remove them and then we got to seize power. We’ve got to seize power block by block, city by city, place by place. If you believe in God, then you pray, damn it…pray for a sound mind and a sound body, You pray for courage. That’s what you pray for: the courage to resist the devil. That’s what you pray for. You pray, then you pick up your weapon. Oh, yeah, I said it. You pray for righteousness. Then you identify who your enemies are.”
From Newark Observer, first reported at The Daily Beast.