Chris Cerf is Leaving NJ Department of Education

NJ’s Education  Commissioner  Chris Cerf is leaving the DOE, reports The Record, for a new job as chief executive of Amplify Insight, an education technology firm run by Joel Klein, former head of New York City’s schools. According t to Cerf the opportunity at Amplify came “quite out of the blue” and has nothing to do with Bridgegate.

From The Record:
The commissioner said he remained deeply committed to the value of public education. Some education advocates have warned of the dangers of for-profit entities influencing policy in schools, or being hired to run them. But Cerf called such claims “propagandistic,” and emphasized his view that “public schools should be run by and accountable to public authorities.”
Cerf adds,
The level of vitriol or rhetoric in the school reform discussion is really disappointing to me,” he said. “There is a desperate need in New Jersey and across the nation to keep our eyes absolutely focused on the truth of where we are being successful and where we have a need for improvement.”
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