Will a Vote for Buono Protect Collective Bargaining and Charter School Expansion?

Bob Braun, former Star-Ledger columnist and current unplugged blogger and cross-poster at Blue Jersey, explains why he’s voting for Barbara Buono today:
I am voting for Barbara Buono because she respects those who believe in the life of the mind. Every governor in the past-Republican and Democrat-has supported the efforts of public school teachers to educate our children. But, now, teachers have been bullied, verbally abused, mocked and ridiculed by a man who is a poster boy for how not to behave. Buono sponsored New Jersey's anti-bullying law-and, now, for all of us, she is the anti-bully.
Cause I gotta tell you-you know what, punk? I'm tired of you, too.
I am voting for Barbara Buono because, if she is governor, collective bargaining will continue to be the way in which disputes are resolved. Because, if she is governor, millions of dollars won't be spent on religious voucher schools. Because, if she is governor, the headlong rush into charter schools will be stopped so that our neediest children are not warehoused and segregated in the least-supported schools.
Hold your horses, Bob. Hyperbole has a time-honored place in campaign literature, but so do facts. Here’s a few:
There’s lots of good reasons to not vote for Chris Christie and lots of good reasons to vote for Barbara Buono. These aren’t them.

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