Sunday Leftovers

The NJ Department of Education “doesn’t know” how many $10,000 tuition aid payments it’s making for Interdistrict School Choice students who enroll but  don’t actually show up, reports the Hunterdon County Democrat.

NJ Spotlight has a database of salaries for more than 140,000 NJ school certificated staff. Salary increases this year were low: 1.3% for teachers and other professionals and 1.2% for administrators. The average teacher's salary was $68,797.

Should superintendents get bonuses for reducing out-of-district placements? The Asbury Park Press looks at Middletown for a board that uses this incentive program. Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande says,“I wouldn’t want my child’s placement to have anything to do with any financial incentive to an adult who is in charge of my child’s education,’’

"Once rejected by the Legislature, the Christie administration’s attempt to set up a competitive grant program for school innovation is getting a second life in the lame-duck session – this time with the help of a prominent Democrat.State Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex) has filed a bill to be heard on Thursday that would create an Innovation Fund and appropriate $5 million in its first year to help schools trying new programs. There were a couple of key exceptions written into the bill filed last week, although there was no assurance they would remain in the final proposal." (NJ Spotlight)

From The Record: "City education officials are wrapping up last-minute preparations for a visit from a state team that will evaluate whether Paterson schools are ready to return to some degree of local control."

NJSBA Update: the school board lobbying group is monitoring several bills: S2086, which would change the school board candidate filing deadline from June to July; S2877, which would give districts more time to complete budgets; a bill that would require screening for dyslexia.
Also, NJSBA’s new Communications Officer is Jeanette Rundquist, whom we’ll all miss as education reporter at the Star-Ledger.

NJ Spotlight profiles Mashea Ashton, Chief Executive Officer, Newark Charter School Fund: “I don’t think the charters are the magic bullet or that all schools should be charters. It’s really about having a portfolio of high-quality schools, and seeing charters as part of the solution and strategy of bringing quality education options to all kids.”

The Star-Ledger reports that legislators took "baby steps" towards " a bill that would create a 21-member task force to study [full day kindergarten for non-Abbott districts, which already require them]. The committee would examine the potential for long-term academic success and the emotional impact of full day programs as well as the potential costs of staffing and facilities. "

"On Monday, November 18 at 2 p.m., the NJDOE will announce the launch of a website – unique in the nation – created to provide teachers with a massive inventory of classroom resources related to the Common Core State Standards.  Dubbed the 'New Jersey Educator Resource Exchange,' this website will be made available to all educators in the state, free of charge."