QOD: Why is the NJ DOE Keeping Camden Kids from Safer Schools?

Angel Cordero, a Camden schoolchildrens’ advocate, reacts to the news that the NJ Department of Education is capping the number of children allowed to participate in the state’s popular Interdistrict Public School Choice Program in order to achieve “responsible growth.”
Camden County has one of the highest numbers of School Choice districts — all reaching out and accepting students from the city. Finally, Camden children have a chance at a quality education. 
Currently, Camden schools are under reorganization, with more charters coming and other measures to help our students. But this project will take several years to get going and our children need our help now. 
The School Choice program isn’t a miraculous remedy but it helps to save some kids from dangerous and poorly performing schools. Camden is in a state of an educational emergency 
If Choice districts are reaching out to attract Camden students because they have openings, why prevent students from taking those seats in better educational environments? 
If this is a matter of funding, just move the money along with the child! Other school districts would be very grateful to get the funding that Camden City gets per child.

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