NJ GOP Senators Need to Up Their Standards for Common Core Information

Speaking of Carolee Adams, president of the NJ chapter of the Eagle Forum (see post below), twelve NJ Republican senators, reports The Record, asked Ed. Comm. Chris Cerf for “more details” on the Common Core. These questions were instigated by a letter from NJ Eagle Forum President Carolee Adams whom the GOP has chosen, apparently, for their guru on public education and all things Common Core. Adams sent a letter to Sen. Joe Pennacchio informing him that the CC is “dumb[ing] down our kids to a lower dominator." (In fact, Senator, the Common Core raises standards from the lower bar of the NJ’s pre-CC curriculum.)

Here's an educational pearls from the Eagle Forum's founder, Phyllis Schafly, whom Adams reports to: "Abolishing the Department of Education was one of Ronald Reagan's campaign promises when he ran for President in 1980. Fulfilling that promise is long overdue, and the time to do it is now…The goal [in public schools] is clearly to infuse) the gay/lesbian propaganda into every level of school: every grade K through 12, every academic subject, and every school and social activity. "

And here's some items from the Eagle Forum’s agenda:
Maybe NJ Republicans need to raise their standards for information.