Quote of the Day

Students First, Michelle Rhee's group, has just issued State Policy Reports. This is from New Jersey's  (presumably value-added) evaluation:
New Jersey is taking steps to elevate teaching, but must still do more. The state has reformed tenure significantly and adopted better educator evaluations, though student growth is not yet a predominant criterion. Effectiveness is not tied to placement or salary decisions, and districts are required to base layoff decisions on seniority, putting effective educators at risk. New Jersey must also do more to empower parents. The state must make information to parents regarding teacher and school performance more accessible. New Jersey should create an opportunity scholarship program for low-income students and expand availability of quality choices by strengthening charter accountability for authorizers and increasing access to comparable resources and facilities for public charter schools. New Jersey should also allow mayors to take control in low-performing districts. Finally, the state should no longer lock teachers into the existing pension system and should offer a more attractive, portable retirement option.