Here's An Example of Seniority-Based Bumping Rights

In Trenton Public Schools, reports the Trenton Times, Monica Carmichael has directed the early childhood development program since 2008, apparently to great acclaim. (About 2,000 kids attend public preschools in Trenton.) But Carmichael will no longer head the program because another director in the district has more seniority than she does.

Everene Downing was  the district’s Director of Affirmative Action and Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying. But that position was eliminated.  Downing has more time served as a director in the district, so she gets Carmichael's job. Carmichael  will remain employed by Trenton, but will report to Downing.

From the Times:
Carmichael has been the assistant director since 2008, and co-workers and private child care providers showered her with praise Monday night, saying she brought leadership and stability to a program that accounts for more than 2,070 pre-kindergarten students who attend preschools across district schools and in privately run day care facilities.