Cost Per Pupil in 6 NJ Poor Urban School Districts

One slide from Comm. Cerf’s powerpoint at yesterday's Convocation (see post below) is titled “Education spending in high-need districts exceeds statewide average.” I don’t know if that’s a salvo aimed critics of NJ's school funding who argue that we don’t spend enough on poor urban school districts or if the slide is meant to be  purely informational. Take your pick. Anyway, here’s what the DOE considers to be “Total Per Pupil Spending for 2010-2011” in 6 high-needs districts:

Newark:                 $21,706
Camden:                $22,306
Paterson:               $19,042
Trenton:                $20,340
Elizabeth:               $19,170
Jersey City:            $22,397
State Average:       $17,352