Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are Romney and Ryan on the Same Educational Ticket? Whither Chris Christie?

My post today at WHYY Newsworks addresses Gov. Christie's keynote at the GOP Convention next week, particularly the gap between his educational agenda and the Republican ticket. Add that to Pres. Obama's "offense on education" and you get some pretty tricky dance moves:
GOP delegates from around the country will gather in Tampa on Monday to anoint the ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Conventional wisdom is that education issues of the moment – school choice, accountability, teacher quality – will get little attention from Republicans more interested in scarfing down the red meat of Obamacare and deficit reduction. But a keynote speech on Tuesday by our very own Governor Chris Christie and a just-announced education offensive from the Obama campaign could change that menu. Maybe, just maybe, education reform will get its place in the Tampa sun.
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kallikak said...

I read your full post on WHYY. For your own protection, all of your posts on the web really should carry the disclaimer, "Ms. Waters' opinions are her own and not those of the Lawrence Township BOE" (or similar language).

While I may disagree with your thoughts, I wouldn't like to see your soapbox toppled over a misrepresentation of your standing.

NJ Left Behind said...

That's a good point, Kallikak. Thanks.

kallikak said...

I'm surprised your Board attorney and/or fellow Board members haven't pointed this out earlier--especially because as President, you are your Board's official spokesperson.

No sense confusing that role with your activities as a pundit/commentator.