Thursday, August 2, 2012

Andy Smarick Leaving NJ DOE

According to Andrew Rotherham at Eduwonk, Mr. Smarick is joining Bellwether Education Partners, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the achievement of low-income students:
We’re also adding two new partners: Becky Crowe in Bellwether’s strategy practice and Andy Smarick on the thought leadership team. Becky has spent the past several years as a strategy consultant to philanthropic clients and state departments of education. Becky brings her ongoing work for the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the 100Kin10 STEM initiative to Bellwether. Among other previous leadership roles, Becky led Partners in School Innovation in San Francisco. Andy most recently served as Deputy Commissioner of Education in New Jersey, where he played an instrumental role in the state’s recent education reforms including improvements to the state’s charter sector and teacher evaluation system. He has also worked at the Department of Education and The White House, as well as with several D.C.-based think tanks and education organizations.


kallikak said...

The well-oiled revolving door turns again!

Round-and-round we go, building that all-important resume in the process.

School reform: America's fastest-growing (and increasingly lucrative) cottage industry.

NJDOE Insider said...

I'm all for spending more time with one's family, but it's disingenuous for Andy Smarick to claim that he's leaving "because he needs more time with his family." Just look at the NJDOE's organizational chart from a year ago and the one approved a few months ago - nearly all of Andy's responsibilities were transferred away from him, most notably the management of the new Regional Achievement Centers, on purpose, and for appearance he was given responsibility for new, empty offices with fancy names such as "Policy Development" and "Planning and Interdivisional Initiatives" - with zero staff. This was by no means a voluntary departure...