Monday, June 11, 2012

What Should Be the Agenda of Anti-Education-Reformers?

Blue Jersey is currently hosting a lively discussion begun by a staff writer who asked,
There's a lot written here about what we don't like about the right wing education "reform" agenda - the attack on unions, privatization, etc.

I'm at an education panel at Netroots Nation, and a Rhode Island blogger asked the question what is the progressive reform agenda. Not what we don't like, but what actions we should be proactively promoting?

Blue Jersey teachers and readers in general weigh in...

What is the positive progressive education reform agenda?
Worth checking out.


kallikak said...

Interesting set of comments on Blue Jersey. Only one responder targeted standards for teacher ed programs. In my opinion, this is the point of greatest leverage that is generally ignored in the discussion. The commenter also suggested that a Master's degree be required for all teachers. A good idea, with the dual benefit of eliminating the wage-inflating but unproductive add-on credits that epitomize the typical salary guide.

Ronald said...

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NJ Left Behind said...

Interesting suggestion: pretty revolutionary, actually. It's one way to address the ed school problem.