Friday, June 22, 2012

"Taking an Incremental Approach to Education Reform"

Check out my column today at NJ Spotlight:
Over the past eighteen months, as Sen. Teresa Ruiz’s tenure reform bill has run the gauntlet of legislative hearings, lobbying by interest groups, and input from stakeholders, New Jersey has been harshly schooled in how much can be accomplished in the arena of education reform. Just call us “incrementalist.”

In fact, a long-running debate in education circles across the country is whether substantive change is best achieved incrementally or boldly. One lesson for bystanders during these intense months of consensus-building and compromise is that New Jersey is far more amenable to small steps rather than long strides.
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kallikak said...

This is not "child-centric" legislation. In spite of claims to the contrary, the new four-year time frame has the potential to keep mediocre teachers on the job longer than under the current protocol.

Another triumph from the "we're here to help" crowd in Trenton.