Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quote of the Day

Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson explains why the Legislature should pass a substantive tenure reform bill:

Anderson spoke of her successes over the past year — her first as superintendent of the state's largest district — and also her challenges. One of the biggest hurdles to the district's success, Anderson said, is the need for state lawmakers to pass tenure reform legislation.

"I've done my part to paint a picture on where we are and why we badly need a better statute. Right now, you get tenure by being around for three years," Anderson said. "In an era of declining enrollment, you have to be able to make hiring and downsizing decisions based on performance." (Star-Ledger)


kallikak said...

Speak for yourself, Cami.

In most districts, I think you have to do more than "be around for three years" to get tenure.

This sounds like another example of the "ignore the facts" arguments perpetrated by education "reformers".

Galton said...

Anderson is wrong here, scary wrong. You don't "get" tenure, it is given. Does she realize she has the power to deny tenure to any or all of her new teachers?
We need some changes but we need honesty and courage even more.
Ms. Waters, why?