Christie: From Norman Rockwell to Edvard Munch

My column today at Newsworks WHYY asks why Gov. Christie, after a relatively peaceful interlude with NJEA top brass, has gone pugilistic again:
To those who follow New Jersey's education politics — particularly the fraught relationship between Gov. Chris Christie and NJEA, NJ's primary teacher union — the past six months have been as bucolic as a Norman Rockwell painting... Now suddenly, after months of apparent entente, Gov. Christie appeared last week in Jersey City at a school choice summit and had nothing but disdain for his erstwhile comrades.
Did our Governor have a temper tantrum? Did he go off-script? Did he forget his happy pills? How'd we go from Norman Rockwell to Edvard Munch's "Scream?" Why did he revert back to the bad old days of deriding union officials?
Find out why here.

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